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  1. When It Comes To Your Brand ... “Be Better Than The Pitch!”

    When you need a great tagline to use in marketing, negotiations, even blog posts, you need to look no further than Hollywood.  About 5 years ago, the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love came out starring Ryan Gosling and my personal favorite funnyman Steve Carrell in which the former was teaching the later the benefits of being better than his current self. 

  2. What Does Smart Water Mean?

    Are you one of the many equipment manufacturers in the water and wastewater industry positioning your products and services under the “smart water” umbrella? At the recent WEFTEC exhibit in Chicago, I had the honor of interviewing many of the industry’s leading executives, product managers and sales engineers. Unless our conversation was firmly rooted in disinfection and treatment, chances are it touched on what can loosely be described as “smart water.”

  3. A Warning For Water And Wastewater Manufacturers Trying To Make An Impact At Tradeshows

    For those of you who read my articles, you know that I often make the statement that time has replaced money as the most important resource in the business world.  Think about it -- most new products (regardless of industry) are centered on helping people save time first, and save money second.

  4. Retiring In Droves — Solving The Operator Replacement Crisis

    Attending WEFTEC in Chicago last week, I was struck by the industry’s growing focus on intelligence. Whether being forced to address intelligence with the wide-scale retirement of many of our treatment facilities' most knowledgeable heads or being spurred on by the increasing intelligence being built into our treatment equipment and machinery, it very much felt like we’re opening up a new chapter in the history of water treatment.  

  5. An Open Challenge To Water And Wastewater Equipment Executives

    We have talked a lot about the connection between sales and marketing. Comparing the two departments and the eternal internal struggle between them over who is more important and more impactful. Two parts of a company that must work together to be productive but in many cases struggle to do so.

  6. What Coca-Cola Can Teach Water And Wastewater Manufacturers About Brand Publishing

    Earlier this month Content Marketing World took place in Cleveland, OH and continued its mission to educate the world on the evolution of marketing. CMI’s message is consistent and unwavering and centers on the belief that marketing is never stagnant. It evolves just like our businesses do and counts on astute professionals to not just react, but to direct its today, tomorrow and beyond. Brand publishing and content marketing are at the core of the “now” and look to be the “now” for many years to come, perhaps decades.

  7. The 3 Basic Problems With Product Centric Marketing In Industrial Markets

    I spend most of my workday discussing the fine art of brand publishing (and content marketing) in relation to a B2B marketplace. Most of the companies I work with design and make engineered systems used in the water and wastewater market. Many companies in this space have been in business for over 30-40 years and have done plenty of conventional outbound marketing over those years.  Print, direct mail, hundreds of trade shows, etc. all stand as historic monuments to the standard marketing practices of the day. 

  8. Baby Boomers, Millennials, And The Future Of The Water Industry

    What is the effect of the baby boomer-to-millennial personnel changeover as it relates to technology, knowledge transfer, and the future of the water industry? Water Online surveyed technology providers who serve the utility and engineering community on their perceptions of and preparations for the transition.

  9. What TV Networks Understand That Marketers Should

    What’s the time? Is it lunchtime yet? I don’t have the time to get all of this accomplished? I can find the time. Is it that time already?

  10. How To Adjust Your Marketing For Growth

    What is your growth strategy? Are you focused on trying to expand market share in your current area of expertise? Maybe you’ve got a new product coming out of R&D efforts? Or you’re making a channel move down the value chain from selling product to providing services and a broader solution sale? Have you considered selling to new customers in adjacent industries? Or are you pursuing mergers or acquisitions to fuel growth?