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  1. Content Is Written, Now What?

    Once your content is developed, it is time for the next phase.  Having taken the first step towards building an online brand you are now in position to turn your content strategy over to phase two and start to see some tangible results.  What does phase two consist of? 

  2. Understanding The Customer Journey Chapter One: The AC/DC Principle

    Definition: The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience of being a customer.

  3. How To Sell Brand Publishing To Your President

    So you’re thinking of ways to propose brand publishing to your sales-centric and profit-minded boss.  In most cases, said supervisor has been in the game for a long time.  He or she believes only what they can see, feel and completely understand.  It’s human nature for those in senior leadership to rely 100% on a sales and marketing approach that they fully understand, know and trust. 

  4. What Is Intelligent Content?

    I recently returned from the American Water Works Association’s Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE).  Historically the ACE Exhibition Hall housed numerous vendors of pipes, fittings, tanks, and the rest of the hardware that our water distribution systems rely on.

  5. The Pitfalls Of Too Much Self-Promotion

    Over the past five years I’ve talked with hundreds of marketing professionals in the water and wastewater market.  The most successful of these marketing professionals understand that their strategy must center on finding, identifying and consistently engaging their target audience.  Secondarily, but equally as important, is knowing that reader-centric content is their optimal tool for getting in front of that audience and building up their trust in the brand.

  6. Brand Publishing vs. The Cold Call

    So you’re thinking of ways to propose brand publishing or a new content marketing approach to your sales centric and profit-minded boss?  In most cases said supervisor has been in the game for a long time.  He or she believes only what they can see, feel and completely understand.  It is human nature for those in senior leadership to only buy in one hundred percent to an approach that they fully understand and believe they can control the outcomes.  There is really no fault in having this point of view but it can and will lead to missed opportunities that could have grown their business exponentially quicker.

  7. FUNCAT: How To Develop Impactful Content In The Water And Wastewater Market

    Recently, best-selling author and marketing expert Chris Brogan spoke at the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference in San Francisco. His request was poignant and abrupt. He simply asked marketers to “Stop putting junky marketing out into the universe.”

  8. Product Comparison In Brand Publishing Is No Longer Relevant

    Humor me for a minute and think back to the last time you watched television.  Think about the commercials you viewed. Which one annoyed you the most?

  9. Urgent Versus Important And What That Means For Your Marketing

    Over the past two years, many water and wastewater equipment companies have embraced content marketing and started investing in building their brand through publishing. But many have not. The most common excuse for not taking the first step is that there are more urgent business needs to attend to. These urgent needs not only delay the implementation of brand publishing but in many cases, delay even the consideration of a content marketing strategy. Unfortunately for many, those “urgent things” continue to hold up their business and continue being urgent for weeks, months and even years.

  10. How Thought Leadership Generates Business Demand

    Late last year a study was released by Edelman/LinkedIn called “How Thought Leadership Impacts B2B Demand Generation.” In my view it is the most comprehensive study yet on the impact of thought leadership on a company’s top line.  The study surveyed 1,300 business executives to understand the impact thought leadership and brand publishing has in the B2B buying process.