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  1. Brand Publishing And The Sale Are Perfectly Natural Partners

    I recently read a blog post from Christopher Dessi called The #1 Mistake All Salespeople Make.  He tells the story of how he got started in his sales career.  He begins his historical narrative with how he was able to upsell a large account at the very beginning of his career, without even being in a sales role at that point in his professional life.  Due to his success on that specific account he was moved into Sales, and either surprisingly or not surprisingly, found it hard to actually sell when he was trying.  All the cold calls and sales pitches weren’t getting him anywhere.  So what gives?  How could he sell when he wasn’t trying but struggle so mightily when selling became his job?  The answer he gives is scientific and VERY relatable to marketing and Brand Publishing.

  2. Considerations For Effective Case Study Writing In The Water Wastewater Industry

    There are so many types of content at your disposal that sometimes it’s difficult to decide where to start.  When it comes to building your brand, expanding your reach, and of course generating more revenue, what is the best content path?  The answer is that there is no single correct path to success.  All types of content need to be considered as all have merit.  Blog posts, infographics, videos and a host of other types of content create a varied portfolio of productive content marketing assets that can be incorporated at various points in the sales process. 

  3. What Is Separating Successful Marketers From Unsuccessful Marketers In 2018?

    According to Skyward, the role of content marketing is evolving and will continue to do so throughout 2018.  In an extensive study, Skyward followed over 1,000 content marketers over the course of an entire year to get a better understanding of what role Content Marketing is playing in their tactical plans.  What is unique about this study is how they focused on what they called visionaries and leaders in the marketplace in an effort to see what sets them apart.

  4. Your Job Isn’t Over After The Content Is Published: Customer Service is Still Imperative

    So the blog post is written; the video is produced; the case study is outlined; and the newsletter went out yesterday. All done, right? Wrong! Our job as marketers does not stop once the content tactic is complete, nor does it stop after the sale is made.

  5. Love Him Or Hate Him But Is Trump The Perfect Case Study In Brand Publishing?

    I’m not taking a political stance here, I’m simply extracting a piece of history and showing how the concepts of a successful Brand Publishing strategy can be utilized in everything from B2B, B2C and even politics. 

  6. How Personalization Can Transform Your Brand Publishing in 2018

    I’m a dog person.  I don’t care much for cats (mostly because I’m allergic to them) and I’m not an ”exotic pet” guy that has pigs, snakes or rare birds roaming about the house.  Nope, dogs are the best and most dog lovers enjoy making the dog a central part of their family.

  7. Content Marketing 101: Water & Wastewater Industry

    “How can I reach those engineers and operators that drive my top line by purchasing my solutions?”  Far and away, that is the question I have been asked more than any other over the past few years. Historically, and by historically I mean pre-Internet, it was a different ball game (and answer) entirely.  B2B manufacturers and B2C manufacturers reached and influenced potential customers in almost the same way…. Display and Pitch.

  8. Has Brand Affinity Become The New Brand Awareness?

    I’ve had many conversations over the past 15 years about the value of “awareness.”  The water and wastewater market specifically has focused on awareness as a top marketing goal since as far back as I can remember. Think about the competing colors of pump manufacturers in the market. Godwin orange. Vaughan green. Gorman Rupp blue. Grundfos black. Flygt grey.  All awareness and distinction based.

  9. The Three Most Important Words In Marketing For 2018

    There is little doubt that the key to developing and implementing a successful brand publishing campaign is landing on what your message is and how your target audience will relate to it.

  10. An Examination Of The State Of B2B Content Marketing And 2 Take-Aways

    Recently, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) released its annual study of content marketing and its effectiveness in a B2B setting.  In the 2017 version of the survey, there were a number of important talking points and insights that give an indication of what is working and also what still needs to be improved upon.