Brand Publishing Related Stories

  1. Brand Safety in 2017: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

    In the B2C marketing world, 2017 saw a lot of concern from companies about content, and their lack of control in positioning their brands around it. Facebook and most notably Google’s YouTube made attempts to help brands avoid being associated with offensive content.

  2. Winning Request-For-Proposal Strategies For Sales Teams

    Writing for, John Boyens takes a look at the time, effort and expense of responding to an RFP. In the water industry, I’ve often heard it said that a municipality is mandated to get at least three quotes on a job and the RFP is often just an attempt to slot in vendors B and C. Boyens’ four-bullet point list of RFP red-flags will help your sales reps to prioritize the chase.

  3. Certainty: The Ultimate Closing Tool

    An interesting post from Daniel Burrus, exploring the tipping point between uncertainty and certainty. Burrus argues that although uncertainty can open up a sales opportunity, it invariably requires certainty to close the deal.

  4. 4 Data Types You Need To Understand The Customer Journey

    We talk a lot about the “customer’s journey” at B2Brand Water, specifically the need to create content for every stage in the customer’s discovery and buying process.

  5. 5 Tips For Presenting To Senior Executives

    Adopting brand publishing is not simply a shift in marketing department philosophy. It usually requires additional budget if you want to introduce it without sabotaging your traditional media spend and this involves getting senior executives to buy in.

  6. Agreeing To Disagree May Work At The Thanksgiving Table, But Not In Business

    Writing for Sales & Marketing Management, authors Michelle Huff and David Satterwhite highlight the distinction between Sales and Marketing working in collaboration and working in alignment.

  7. Meet The Startups Changing The Future Of Energy

    After labor, energy is generally the next largest number on the treatment plants operating budget.

  8. The Hard-To-Nail Formula That Makes Building A Startup Easier

    Finding a “family” of customers willing to forgive your early product launch blunders is hard to imagine in the water and wastewater market where proven technology so often trumps the new disruptor.

  9. Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition

    This Skip Prichard interview with Andy Cunningham is a great read on the essence of branding for all of us working on brand publishing. Central to getting your brand publishing strategy right is asking you two straight-forward but really challenging questions.

  10. The 10/90 Rule: The Media Industry’s Future Business Model

    An interesting hypothesis from Mark Grether writing for Ad Exchanger on how publishers should think differently about how they monetize their content. Applied to a water and wastewater equipment manufacturer publishing its own content, it’s not all about the content you create.