Brand Publishing Related Stories

  1. Nine Creative Strategies To Drive Your Organization’s Brand Visibility

    Nine members of the Forbes Communication Council share their top strategies for enforcing brand visibility and recognition. All of which ring true and offer some ideas on how a modern communication strategy can work in any industry:

  2. 4 Reasons To Align Your Sales And Marketing Teams

    We often discuss the importance of getting your marketing and sales teams on the same page when it comes to getting the most out of a brand publishing strategy. Tereza Litsa provides four good reasons why:

  3. The Newsroom Approach To Brand Storytelling

    Clark Boyd’s article suggests brand marketers could benefit by approaching content like a traditional newsroom, focusing on research and ideation, effort prioritization, content production, storage, publication and promotion:

  4. 5 Content Marketing Ideas For April 2018

    This post from Armando Roggio is way off the beaten path for water and wastewater equipment manufacturers but it does highlight the difference between content marketing and brand publishing rather nicely.

  5. How To Write A Killer Sales Plan

    Geoffrey James’ interesting post highlights the differences between a Marketing Plan and a Sales Plan. Is there a more complex decision-making loop than in the municipal water market?

  6. The Era Of The Buyer Is Underway

    Writing for Forbes, Jay Malowney recognizes that in a world where specialized information is readily available and free over the Internet to any consumer, the traditional sales model has become obsolete.

  7. 28 Surprising Stats About Prospecting in 2018

    Writing for HubSpot, Aja Frost provides a nice summary of a recent RAIN Group Center for Sales Research study of buyers’ interactions with sales people during the prospecting process. 

  8. Don’t Start With Why!

    An interesting post from Yonatan Kagansky about the power of storytelling to support your brand or new product launch. In the water industry, so much of what marketers create is focused on the features and the supporting data of their product lines.

  9. How New Startups Can Win At PR – Advice From A 20-Year Comms Career

    An interesting interview with Terra Carmichael about the struggle to be heard in the Information Age. Many of her suggestions are the foundation of a sound brand publishing strategy for any company including pinpointing your audience, researching your readers and crafting your angle.

  10. How Marketing Automation Has Dumbed Down A Generation Of B2B Marketers

    I always advise caution when reading cutting-edge marketing analysis because of the difference between our target audience and those that are often written about i.e. IT or financial services. Raviv Turner, CEO of CaliberMind’s interesting article is a perfect example.