Brand Publishing Related Stories

  1. Meet The Startups Changing The Future Of Energy

    After labor, energy is generally the next largest number on the treatment plants operating budget.

  2. The Hard-To-Nail Formula That Makes Building A Startup Easier

    Finding a “family” of customers willing to forgive your early product launch blunders is hard to imagine in the water and wastewater market where proven technology so often trumps the new disruptor.

  3. Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition

    This Skip Prichard interview with Andy Cunningham is a great read on the essence of branding for all of us working on brand publishing. Central to getting your brand publishing strategy right is asking you two straight-forward but really challenging questions.

  4. The 10/90 Rule: The Media Industry’s Future Business Model

    An interesting hypothesis from Mark Grether writing for Ad Exchanger on how publishers should think differently about how they monetize their content. Applied to a water and wastewater equipment manufacturer publishing its own content, it’s not all about the content you create.

  5. What’s Your Content Marketing Mission Statement?

    Ambreen Ali nicely summarizes the strategic need for content marketing in today’s business world and how to go about identifying your mission and knowing your audience.

  6. In 3 Words, Nobelist Richard Thaler Shares the Secret of Effective Communication

    Writing for, Alison Davis looks at the communications advice of the “father of behavioral economics”, University of Chicago professor Richard Thaler. His argument is that brevity and convenience are the secrets to great communication.

  7. 3 Ideas To Help Drive Change At Your Company

    Writing for Smart Brief, Jennifer V. Miller expels the myth that all change management initiatives have to be monumentally hard. A lot of the perceived complexity she argues is based on outdated change management processes being utilized.

  8. How Personalized Content Marketing Helps Your B2B Sales Team Win Deals

    David Reimherr interviews Ardath Albee about the importance of content to sales reps in helping them close more deals. She argues that the reason reps don’t create and use more content with their customers is that they have never been trained to do so, not because there is no value to it.

  9. How Could The Internet Of Things Change The Game For Content Marketers

    In this article, ClickZ takes a look on the potential impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on marketing content. There’s a growing wave of IoT-enabled devices and platforms in the water and wastewater industry.

  10. 3 Unconventional Sales Tactics That Will Close More Deals

    Don’t call your customer back. Let them know they’re not a fit for your product or service. Say something that genuinely doesn’t help you to close the sale. Are these really sound sales approaches for the modern age?