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  1. How Could The Internet Of Things Change The Game For Content Marketers

    In this article, ClickZ takes a look on the potential impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on marketing content. There’s a growing wave of IoT-enabled devices and platforms in the water and wastewater industry.

  2. 3 Unconventional Sales Tactics That Will Close More Deals

    Don’t call your customer back. Let them know they’re not a fit for your product or service. Say something that genuinely doesn’t help you to close the sale. Are these really sound sales approaches for the modern age?

  3. 3 Steps To Communicate Strategy To Your Employees

    In their study, CEB Global found that 70% of employees were unable to identify their company’s strategy from a set of different choices. Made me think about the distributed rep network model so often used in connecting with end users in the water and wastewater industry.

  4. Hiring A Salesperson? Beware Of These Eight Red Flags

    This Forbes article focuses on what to look for when evaluating a sales hire. Check out the first requirement – the ability to listen. This is very important in recruiting sales people but just as useful in identifying concepts for your marketing materials. 

  5. The Power Of Personal Vision To Drive Organizational Change

    Jamey Lutz’ post makes the case for not only having a vision statement for your Company but also enforcing knowledge of it throughout the organization. But it’s the last section of his article that I want to draw your attention to.

  6. Leading The Sales Force Of The Future: The Ultimate Guide To Agile Sales Management

    You may have heard of agile software development and the efficiencies it creates in project management. In this post, Rachel Serpa suggests some ways that the agile concept can be applied to sales management.

  7. Get Clear On Your Vision, Get Clear On Your Sales

    Writing for Sales & Marketing Management, Hazel Butters presents a strong case for making sure you have your vision clear before organizing your sales and marketing activities. We often talk about the value of educational content delivered to your prospects and customers over time but without vision, it’s hard to deliver a consistent message that will singularly resonate with your audience. What do you stand for?

  8. 3 Simple Secrets To Running A Remarkable Meeting

    Although Karen Hurd’s article is focused on improving meeting performance, the same foundation should be used to build out your content marketing efforts. 

  9. Golden Nuggets That Will Improve Sales Efforts

    Ron Stein writing for Florida Trend dissects some of the tried-and-true sales and marketing approaches such as The 4 Ps and BANT methodologies. He makes an astute observation that like all standards, they mostly apply but not always and not always in their entirety.

  10. 8 Tips For Writing Sales-Converting Web Content

    Rich Stivala provides a simple checklist of what to consider when creating content to compel in this blog post. One of his most interesting observations … incorporate user-generated content to build trust.