Brand Publishing Related Stories

  1. What Is Intelligent Content, And How Can It Future-Proof Your Content Marketing?

    As Rebecca Sentance explains in this ClickZ post, the practice of Intelligent Content involves removing the content from the context of its presentation layer (such as a website) and breaking it down into fragments that can then be utilized across multiple channels. In talking to many marketers in the water and wastewater industries, where content creation resources are often incredibly sparse, this is a necessity:

  2. You Should Say “No” to Hiring Salespeople — Here Is Why

    Substitute the word “salesperson” for “content” and this article from Brian de Haaff nicely sums up the evolution from promotional sales literature to the informative world of brand publishing.

  3. The Single Reason Why People Can't Write, According To A Harvard Psychologist

    Writing for Inc., Glenn Leibowitz reviews Steven Pinker’s book: The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person's Guide to Writing in the 21st Century. It’s a fascinating study of how overelaborate we as business writers can be.

  4. How Marketing And Sales Can Achieve The Alignment Imperative

    Christopher Ryan’s post focuses on the importance of aligning marketing with sales. And at the heart of the alignment, Ryan points to good communication.

  5. The Arrogance Of Creating Value For The Customer

    Brand publishing has a lot to do with value. It’s about creating a body of published content that opens up your reader to a deeper conversation about how you can help. It moves them to the point of seeing your company as a potential partner in effectively solving a challenge they face.

  6. Three Promises Every Sales Team Needs to Make — and Keep

    This article from Elizabeth Doty looks at the generational shift in software-driven businesses from upfront payment to ongoing subscription service. You see a similar shift in the way the water and wastewater market is behaving.

  7. Sales Commissions Are Useless in Motivating the Modern Workforce. Should We Retire Them?

    Here’s an interesting post from Anurag Harsh about the movement afoot to lessen sales commissions and increase base pay of reps. Obviously sales commissions in the water and wastewater market are a foundational pillar of the rep firm model.

  8. Got Questions?

    Jane Perdue’s post about the importance of questioning got me thinking about the content we write for the utility customers and engineers we serve. Isn’t it true that all the good content in the market answers the most pressing questions of our customers?

  9. Thames Water Fined £8.55m For Failing To Stop Leaks

    Fresh off the American Water Works Association’s ACE 2017 event in Philadelphia and many, many conversations about leak detection and pipe condition assessment, comes news of Thames Water facing some hefty fines for missing its leakage reduction targets in the UK.

  10. Seven Brilliant Ways To Brand Yourself

    This post is about branding yourself as an independent business owner and in so doing, leveraging your personal service to outcompete larger corporations.