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  1. Four Simple Steps To Winning In Content Marketing

    It seems simple but why is it so hard to successfully transition your traditional marketing outputs to those founded in the discipline of content marketing?

  2. Top 8 Content Promotion Tools, Tricks and Services

    Little surprised that Water Online didn’t make the list but I get it, the list is generic to content promotion as a whole. If you’ve ever wondered about Hootsuite, IFTTT, Buzzstream, Buffer and the like, Blake Pappas offers an introduction. 

  3. Content From All Angles: Are SEO Content, PR Content and Content Marketing All That Different?

    An insightful post from Lauren McMenemy with Content Standard, who argues that despite nuances, all content types need to tell a story. 

  4. 3 Ways To Engage Advertising-Weary Consumers

    It’s been going up for years but the latest research suggests we see 10,000 brand messages daily! Ten thousand! How on earth do you cut through the clutter with your marketing?

  5. Trust Is A Flywheel Of B2B Marketing And A Key Point Of Differentiation

    We’ve written a lot about how a good content portfolio will build trust with your customer over time. In this blog post, Frank Strong digs into a recent study by TrustRadius to understand what type of content resonates

  6. How To Not Be Upstaged With Video When You’re Onstage

    Not sure how many of you get to present on stage but many companies in the water and wastewater industry are creating video content to support their products and services. This Fast Company post provides some useful thoughts on video which presents more of an upfront commitment on the part of your audience because unlike written content, it’s harder to skim watch and skip ahead.

  7. Advocating For The Value Of Content Marketing In A Sales Driven World

    A good post from Kyle Harper about the difficulties in demonstrating the value of your content marketing efforts to senior managers in a sales-driven world. 

  8. 9 Tools To Improve Your Content Marketing

    You may well be using one or two of these software tools to improve your content marketing. In particular, Google Analytics has been the de facto tool for tracking page performance but there are some real nuggets you’ve probably never heard of in this interesting post from Katherine Paljug.

  9. How To Prepare For An Important Conversation

    This blog post from the Chatsworth Consulting Group focuses on holding important conversations but the advice is much the same for content preparation. Working through the planning, perspective, positivity and practice steps will also help you create engaging content.

  10. The 15 Most Challenging Content Marketing Tasks

    In the broader marketing world, job titles such as content strategist, content writer, content marketer and content editor are becoming more common. In the water and wastewater industry, the tasks associated with these roles typically falls on the marketing manager or sales teams.